Offshore Gold Storage

Today’s investment environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Well-structured planning and diversification are the foundations of successful investments.
Gold is viewed as a safe haven for investors in periods of severe economic instability. In times of international legal changes with regard to automatic exchange of information, as well as international financial and economic crisis, currency crisis and enormous public debts, gold is a reliable asset to have.

It’s durable. It’s easily tradeable. It’s portable. It’s concealable.

Gold does not require central banks, no belief in a currency and no banking secrecy. Most of us have a habit of measuring our wealth in terms of our local currency unit: pounds, francs, euros, yen, rubles, dollars, etc. But the path to your financial welfare should not only depend on a paper currency as the financial crisis, the collapse of investment banks and the Euro crisis have very clearly demonstrated. Gold is the epitome of wealth – for more than 5000 years.

Different ways of holding assets, including foundations, trusts, and international companies, can assist you in managing your wealth. But diversification is essential when you must make decisions on wealth structuring. Investing a part of your assets in precious metals like gold allows you to enjoy exactly the confidentiality you expect and to diversify your assets.

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