UAE Visa

By founding a RAK Free Trade Zone Company, the Government of Ras Al Khaimah provides visa sponsorship, so that the company owner and managers can apply for a UAE residency visa and operate their business in the UAE. The number of visas that can be issued to a company depends on the scale of operation, type and size of company, type of licence and the business activity. There are different types of visas:


UAE RESIDENCY VISA – UAE INVESTOR VISA (Investor or partner position)

This type of employment visa, also called “investor visa”, is issued to a RAK FTZ establishmentowner. This visa is also issued to a shareholder or partner in a RAK Free Trade Zone company (partner visa), but only if the value of shares held by the applicant is not less than AED 50,000. This UAE residency visa has a validity of 3 years but can be extended. The bearer of such as visa is not allowed to stay outside the UAE for more than six consecutive months.

UAE EMPLOYMENT VISA (Manager or other employee position)

This employment visa can be issued to managers or employees of a company, established in the RAK Free Trade Zone, if the applicant falls into the group of 20 – 60 years. This type of visa is valid for a time span of three years, but can be extended. The visa holder must not stay outside the UAE for more than 6 consecutive months.

FAMILY VISA (Family member of a visa holder)

Males already holding employment visas issued by RAK Free Trade Zone can apply for a family visa. This type of visa is normally valid for 3 years.



The GWS Group offers the all-in-one service package, allowing our net-worth clients to benefit from the UAE zero taxation environment both for the company and its owners/directors.

The package includes:

A. Free Zone Establishment in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) allows foreign entrepreneurs to keep the entire share capital (100% foreign ownership). The UAE guarantees a tax exemption for the next 50 years, which remains valid even if the UAE should introduce corporate taxes in the meantime.

This type of company allows trade with all UAE Free Zones or even the local (UAE) market through a local agent. Additionally, it allows its shareholders/directors to apply for a Residency Visa.

B. Premium Bank Account in the United Arab Emirates

GWS will arrange a premium account opening at one of the leading commercial banks in the Emirates. A short personal visit during your stay is required.

C. Residency Visa (Investor Visa)

Once the company is incorporated, its shareholder/director can apply for an UAE investor visa (residency visa) for up to five years (renewable).

Residency in the UAE gives access to the “business hub” for the Middle East & North Africa region, and allows application for additional visas (partner visa, family visa, etc.).

D. Emirates Residency ID Card

After the residency visa is issued, it is possible to apply for a residency ID card. The ID card will have the same validity period as the residency visa: 3 – 5 years.


For further information about our Residency Package, please Contact Us.