Asset protection

In the context of international tax planning, optimizing the tax burden and accessing international markets are, without a doubt, the decisive advantages when incorporating a company in Dubai. Entrepreneur-friendly legislation and 0% taxation create first-class framework conditions for international entrepreneurs.

Another decisive advantage for entrepreneurs and wealthy personalities is the multitude of solutions for predictive asset protection. In broad terms, this means the delimitation of assets from yourself, in order to secure your own assets in the long term, for example in the event of liability, family law disputes or adverse legal changes and developments in the home country. In addition to cash assets, this also includes equity investments, patents and share accounts.

The UAE’s modern legislation provides future-proof asset protection through targeted structuring using international legal entities, holding companies, trusteeships, international banking relationships and the recently established foundation in Dubai.

In addition to offshore bank accounts and foundations, the safekeeping of physical precious metals and an offshore gold storage are some of the most interesting options for asset protection, discrete investments and estate planning.


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