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As the most awarded and leading trust company in the Middle East, GWS is a fully licensed Corporate Service Provider. Our corporate services team has substantial experience and a proven track record in the formation and administration of companies in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah, two tax-free emirates in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Offshore Company | Tax Free Company


As partner of all major freezones in Dubai, Ras al Khaimah and other Emirates, GWS is acting as agent for the formation of freezone companies in the UAE. Based on our extensive experience and close contacts, we advise our clients independently to find the best freezone and the most forward thinking and tax-optimized structure for their business.

Dubai Offshore Company | Tax Free Company


Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are a zero-tax jurisdiction, and do not impose taxes on corporate profits or personal income. With a world-class infrastructure, high-skilled labors, an excellent geographic location and an outstanding quality of life, the UAE are one of the most attractive tax-free domiciles. We assist our clients with a residency permit Dubai, UAE and the re-location to the UAE.

Dubai Company Formation

The formation of a company in Dubai or in one of the freezones in the United Arab Emirates, like a RAK Freezone company or a RAK offshore company offers endless possibilities for international entrepreneurs and investors. Our experienced team would be glad to assist you with the Dubai company formation and with a bank account in Dubai or in any major financial centre. Dubai Offshore banking is an excellent solution for net-worth individuals seeking an offshore bank account in one of the most stable and well known jurisdictions. We provide for our net-worth clients Dubai Company Formation and Offshore Companies with a Dubai bank account.

With a Dubai Company Formation, you will be eligible to apply for a tax-free residency permit in Dubai, which enables you to reside tax-free in the entire United Arab Emirates. As the UAE does not impose any corporate or income tax, you will benefit from a completely tax-free environment. GWS will always offer best advice to clients in order to ensure that our clients are aware of all legal requirements for the formation of a company in Dubai, as well as for your international offshore business.


The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), in particular, offers very forward thinking and future-proof solutions with RAK Offshore companies and RAK Freezone companies. A Ras Al Khaimah Company is an excellent tool for international business and banking, with an excellent reputation.

Start your business today in the fastest growing jurisdictions in the world: Welcome to the Emirates!

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Dubai Offshore and Freezone Company Formation

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GWS is the leading business consultant and service provider for company formations in Dubai and other Emirates, and fully licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities. With more than 15 years’ experience in the formation of companies in Dubai, we have incorporated over 1000 companies for our clients. 

Our services include company formation in the United Arab Emirates and other  international jurisdictions, residency permits, citizenship programs, bank accounts, as well as comprehensive advice on all legally relevant steps and requirements which must be met to ensure a successful start in the United Arab Emirates.


The United Arab Emirates offer the most attractive framework conditions to advance your business. In addition to facilitating far-reaching 0% taxation, Dubai has an excellent reputation. Thus, their authenticity is not compromised. GWS offers all-round service, preparing you as best as possible for your start in the United Arab Emirates, in order for you to fully focus on your business success.


RAK Offshore and RAKEZ Freezone Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company | UAE Offshore Company

Tax Free Company in Ras Al Khaimah?

Ras Al Khaimah, strategically located in the north of the United Arab Emirates, is just 45 minutes away from Dubai. Ras al Khaimah, or simply RAK, is definitely one of the most attractive locations for an offshore or a freezone company within the United Arab Emirates, as establishment fees in this emirate are significantly lower than in others. At the same time, it offers the same advantages as Dubai or other Emirates.

The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, on which GWS focuses, offers efficient solutions that significantly shape the success of your company. A first-class international reputation and the best tax options are part of the long-term, future-oriented offshore and freezone concept. GWS is your partner for RAK and Dubai company formations, our highest priorities being professionalism, adherence to delivery dates and personal advice. Our customer advisors support you in creating an individual concept in order to secure your successful business start in the Emirates.

What Makes Starting a Dubai Company so Attractive?

Many entrepreneurs are already suffering from the fact that government taxes continue to rise without any efficient use of the funds from tax payments becoming apparent. No company should be punished for generating sales that, conversely, strengthen gross domestic product. Double taxation is also a well-known thorn in the private sector’s side. The income which has already been taxed, must be taxed again if it is used for private security and growth. Dubai offshore companies offers you more than just a way out of the tax hamster wheel. GWS supports you in establishing your company abroad in a stable manner and assists you in opening an offshore bank account so that you can start operating seamlessly. If you have a company in Dubai, you will enjoy the best international reputation, since a business in Dubai is something completely legitimate without having the bitter taste of a tax haven.

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The Advantages of an Offshore Company

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Dubai as an Attractive Location

The United Arab Emirates have quickly become a world-class financial center. New York, London, Hong Kong and Frankfurt are mentioned in the same breath. The strengths of Dubai as a financial center are partly determined by the general conditions of the corporate world. Modern corporate law, future-oriented perspectives and complete tax exemption are among the key advantages of the UAE. Despite this, the Emirates are not perceived as a traditional tax haven like some other locations. Dubai stands for cosmopolitan, strong, development-oriented business performance internationally. Basically, there is no taxation of legal or natural persons in the United Arab Emirates. This is the big and decisive difference. Other countries offer tax advantages to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, which in turn has earned them a reputation as a classic tax haven. The UAE levies no taxes whatsoever – conversely, this means there are equal conditions for all market participants.

Tax Free Company | UAE Offshore Company


An offshore company offers you numerous advantages. Not only does the absence of taxes increase the attractiveness of an offshore company, but the avoidance of double taxation and complete exemption from flat taxation of companies also contribute to the fact that you can structure your finances far more flexibly. The administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum and do not constitute a burden. In the event of a business ban in a different location, the offshore company offers the option of resuming your business. An associated positive side effect is the increased creditworthiness and new financial development opportunities. You can take care of your business anonymously and unhindered and enjoy high confidentiality, while liability is limited. In addition to the advantages already listed, this type of company offers you real ease in estate planning, IPO and capitalization of your company.

Through the simplified sale of share you can quickly obtain liquid, non-repayable funds. The offshore company is thus a simple and functional form of asset protection. Legislation that allows foreign entrepreneurs and investors to set up an offshore company requires that all business operations take place outside the United Arab Emirates. However, an offshore company can open bank accounts, hold intellectual property and real estate.

Establishing a UAE offshore company is the right choice for any entrepreneur who wants to protect his assets and financial resources gained from international invoicing or international trade. The main advantage of an offshore company is that Dubai’s excellent reputation facilitates access to solvent foreign banks. This makes it easier for you to expand with your company.

Tax Construct or Tax Exemption

United Arab Emirates

The taxation systems are already well-known from other locations such as Germany. It is not uncommon for double taxation to apply, despite a double taxation ban. For example, you pay your already taxed income into a form of retirement plan – state-supported or private. As soon as you want to take advantage of this retirement arrangement, taxes will be due again.


Tax Free Company | UAE Offshore Company
Dubai Offshore Company | Tax Free Company

Unfortunately, this problem also translates to the corporate sector. With maximum tax rates and a multitude of legal gaps, your company will be penalized for doing well and making a higher contribution to the gross domestic product. The better you do, the more you will be taxed and penalized. The United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, levy neither corporate taxes nor sales or inheritance taxes. Property taxation and personal taxes are also eliminated. Only oil and gas producing companies and banks are subject to taxation.

Our UAE Freezone Partners

GWS Middle East FZE is a licenced agent of the Government of Ras al Khaimah.

Why are we your number 1 provider when it comes to establishing offshore companies?

Establishing an offshore company implies a lot of questions and a lot of planning. The legal framework of the respective location you prefer for your company must be clarified in advance. The better the planning, the smoother the implementation. We offer a highly qualified network and a professional team that supports you both in answering your very personal questions and in coordinating your entrepreneurial skills. Accuracy and maximum adherence to deadlines guarantee a complication-free and relaxed process. The concept will be tailored according to your ideas; we will be happy to advise you on finding the right location and provide you with a highly qualified consultant who has the right answers for tax questions.

Dubai Offshore combines the possibility of relocating your company abroad with the most attractive tax structuring options within the framework of a reputable confederation of states, thus ensuring business scaling. You will be guided through the legally relevant steps and supported in doing everything for your start in Dubai. High professionalism and adherence to delivery dates guarantee you the highest quality of service. Discretion and a well-oiled team enable quick and dynamic action. With Dubai Offshore, you achieve new development and design possibilities for yourself and your company. The tax exemption enables you to use your liquid assets for yourself and to invest profitably. The success of your company is not further punished by higher tax rates and you also enjoy a high reputation internationally as an entrepreneur through the Dubai location, without the bitter taste of a pure tax. Dubai is one of the most important capital and financial centers worldwide and underpins the credibility of international, solvent banks. Dubai Offshore opens a new door to entrepreneurship for you.