Emigrating to Dubai: Residence Permit in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, with around ten million inhabitants, are a confederation of seven largely independent emirates. The most famous emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both a magnet for emigrants and ex-pats for years. A tax-free life, an international environment, quick accessibility and 360 days of sunshine are just some of the many advantages of living in Dubai.

Oil reserves, tourism and real estate, as well as a forward-looking economic policy, have helped the Emirates achieve international reputation and great prosperity. The country offers its residents an open international environment, hospitality, the most modern infrastructure, high security, first-class medical care and complete tax exemption. Emigrating to Dubai pays off financially in many ways, most of all because here you don’t owe your income from January to August to the tax authority, but instead 1,000 Euros earned means 1,000 Euros end up in your account. But while financial incentives and a tax-free life have been the main reasons for emigrating to Dubai for years, a completely different picture has emerged since 2020.

Emigrating to Dubai: A Normal Life Without Lockdown

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are now the exact opposite of Germany in Covid times. Lead a normal life with all the small luxuries of a normal day: visit restaurants, hotels, gyms, shops, theaters, beaches and pools, shopping malls or an amusement park, all are all open in Dubai. Visit a museum, go shopping in the city or have dinner with family and friends, there are no major covid restrictions and yet there are also no high case numbers – on the contrary.

Emigrating to Dubai: No Lockdown in This Tax Haven

The United Arab Emirates have always been attractive to immigrants. Being a state in the middle of a desert, it’s imperative for them to be attractive, since they are reliant on expats and immigrants.  Thanks to a modern, western-oriented legislation, attractive framework conditions, quality of life and culture, Dubai is attractive for emigrants especially during these times. While Europe is closing itself off and shuffling from lockdown to lockdown, Dubai pulsates with life. With the “Dubai Art Festival” and “Fashion Week”, Dubai shows the world that you can live culture even in times of covid. At the end of 2021, the world exhibition “Expo” was hosted in Dubai, as well as a large Oktoberfest with 30 beer tents in September 2021, since the world renowned “Wiesn” in Munich will probably be canceled this year – due to the pandemic, of course.

Emigrating to Dubai: The Benefits of Living in the Land of Tomorrow
  • High quality of life, no lockdown, international environment
  • 90% of the population are foreigners, including tens of thousands of Germans, Austrians and Swiss
  • The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is very open and has a western vibe
  • Complete tax exemption: 0% taxes on personal and corporate profits
  • Excellent medical care (German doctors for almost all specialties)
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: the best roads, high-tech local transport, nationwide high-speed internet
  • Favorable cost of living (approx. 15% cheaper; e.g. gasoline price: 0.40 euros per liter)
  • Cheap real estate prices
  • Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world
  • International schools, including German and Swiss schools
  • Good accessibility: You can reach all major cities in Europe, Africa and Asia in around six hours by plane
  • International banks, service providers, shops and restaurants
  • Business friendly laws
  • Modern residence laws

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