Dubai Holding Company

A holding company does not carry out any activity itself, but is limited to holding shares in subsidiaries, as well as assets such as shares, real estate, patents and rights or precious metals, Dubai holding companies are therefore among the cornerstones of an asset protection structures.

Advantages of a Dubai Holding Company:

  • Tax optimization by transferring profits to a tax-neutral or low-tax holding company
  • Trustee discretion and anonymity
  • Risk minimization by transferring the assets of the beneficial owners
  • Uniform, centralized ownership and control of different companies in different countries
  • Simplified transfer of assets (especially real estate) through share transfer
  • Simplified, mostly tax-neutral transfer of company shares to family members and partners
  • Management of market, patents and rights and their monetization

The United Arab Emirates are a whitelist onshore jurisdiction and enjoy an excellent international reputation as the financial and economic center of the Gulf region. Excellent infrastructure, easier market access in the region, legal security, modern corporate law along with the tax exemption make Dubai an ideal holding location.

An offshore holding company in Dubai or one of the other Emirates is ideal for any type of business that does not require a local office, including passive investment activities.

Dubai Offshore Holding companies have the following benefits:

  • 0% corporation tax
  • 0% VAT
  • 0% income tax
  • 0% inheritance tax
  • 0% wealth tax
  • No personal visit required
  • 100% full foreign ownership
  • No public record of shareholders or directors
  • Trustee manager and partner in order to ensure full discretion
  • 5% VAT only on transactions within/related to the United Arab Emirates/GCC

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