International Tax Planning in Dubai

International tax planning is one of the most important success factors for companies nowadays. In an increasingly digital, globalized world, it is important to find the optimum framework and location advantages for your own company in order to fully improve taxation at company level and private income tax.

Companies are increasingly confronted with complex tax laws, regulations, substance requirements and double taxation agreements. It is therefore of great importance to explore the wide array of international options in order to establish sustainable and future-proof solutions. GWS Group, as one of the leading international trust companies, specializes in the optimal structuring of companies in a tax efficient manner, both locally and globally.

International tax planning and tax optimization primarily serves the purpose to reduce the tax burden in order to increase the earnings for entrepreneurs and shareholders, to have more liquidity available for expansion and research, but also to benefit from lower personnel and production costs.

GWS Group incorporates companies in numerous countries both onshore and as offshore companies. Our services go far beyond consulting and incorporation of the company. We provide trustees and managing directors and take over parts of the administration to ensure that the company complies with the tax and company law requirements in the country of incorporation and in your country of residence. In addition, we work closely with auditors, with whom we prepare the annual financial statements and balance sheets, provide office space and company domiciles, and develop residence solutions in order to ensure all legal and tax implications are considered and comply with all international standards.